Treasuring the Earth

Crafted from nature's purest ingredients and handmade with reverence for Indian traditions, our artisanal incense is a profoundly nourishing sensory experience.

Healing the Heart

Every collection has immense therapeutic benefits, drawing upon India's rich ayurvedic knowledge to infuse your surroundings with fragrance, harmony and divinity.

Creating with a Difference

At HMS, each product and packaging material is 100% plant-based and animal-friendly. Talented women artisans helm production." We are firmly against child labour and industrial practices detrimental to the environment.

Treasuring the Purest

The value of an incense stick is gauged through the experience it delivers. Our signature, charcoal-free range relies on unadulterated and wholesome elements to create a soul-ştirring atmosphere.

Learning from the Past

HMS began its journey as a small workshop in Poona's old local market. Since 1860, we have diligently passed down the secret recipes of traditional incense stick-making, hoping to revitalise and further India’s cultural wisdom.

The Secret Mix

HMS incense sticks are created following the traditional ‘masala’ method, trusting an ancient formulation of therapeutic herbs, natural gums, resins, sundried flowers, botanical extracts and aromatic oils. They are ground into a fine powder for use as the base of the paste.

In the beginning, artisans hand-blend the secret assortment to form a dough.

The dough is gently hand-rolled onto bamboo sticks. We use bamboo instead of wood, as the bamboo stalk can regrow faster.

The sticks are sun-dried to keep the fragrance intact.

Finally, only the most immaculate incense sticks are selected and packaged skillfully to preserve the freshness and aroma.

An Exclusive Selection

HMS designs incense sticks for a transcendental experience For that, we depend on rare ingredients and quality essent oils that aren't always readily available. Each product is painstakingly handcrafted without mass-production methods. Therefore, our popular range of incense sticks is manufactured in batches of a limited number.


Starts from ₹999/- (incl. taxes)
Created by our master artisans, made using exotic ingredients and treasured oils
Starts from ₹499/- (incl. taxes)
Crafted using absolute oils and ingredients from their purest regions
Starts from ₹149/- (incl. taxes)
A revival of high quality experience to your daily rituals

Gifting with a Soul

HMS is a traditional enterprise, flourishing around India's diversity. We love every festival of the soil, and it is this deep fondness for the country's vibrant celebrations that helped us conceptualise expressive gift boxes. Your loved ones can select from a beautiful selection of luxury packages.



Illuminating every Home

Alongside premium incense sticks, HMS has a gorgeous portfolio of handcrafted home décor products. Discover our stylish accessories, ranging from elegant aromatherapy sets to earthy incense storage units. The sophisticated designs deepen the sweet-scented serenity of your sanctum.